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All relationship don’t last for several episode

All relationship don’t last for several episode

Spencer and Sam seem to be very good family unit members, then when Carly actually readily available, Sam has spending time with your. Sporadically, they seem as near because sisters, possibly putting some Shay family unit members a substitute for Sam’s very own impaired you to. It’s shown for the iGet Pranky one Sam features/had a “absolutely nothing smash” on your. (See: Spam)

Freddie Benson

Spencer appears to be something like an enormous sis in order to Freddie. Freddie constantly asks him to have suggestions (especially from the female) and you can have hanging out with your when he demands “child big date” away from people. We can in addition to note that Freddie and you can Spencer interact just like the a team. (See: Fencer)

Gibby Gibson

Gibby and you may Spencer apparently enjoy per other people’s business and just have together with her tend to in the event that other people commonly around. Both are rather eccentric, commonly offering just like the of them to accomplish a few of the crazier anything on line show. Gibby seem to tries to assist Spencer aside, giving their Grandfather’s qualities during the iGot a hot Place, friction Spencer’s sore back into iParty that have Winning, etc. (See: Gencer)

Slight Dating

Jennifer: A lady stated within the iHate Sam’s Date, just who Spencer old as he got poison ivy for 14 days and you may don’t also see. The guy noticed if poison ivy, wide spread to ‘places.’

A keen unnamed lady: Called ‘that girl’ by the Sam inside iWant Way more Audience just who simply enjoyed Spencer because of their shining clothes.

Connie: Old this lady, but discovered she is actually “balancing with other people,” thus the guy decided to break up with her. They state she’s diabetic.

Stephanie: Dated Spencer, however, he left her just like the she are unpleasant. She is never seen on the show, however, Spencer talked so you can the woman into the mobile. Frequently, she believes when you look at the unicorns, claiming she’s got a-one once the an animal.

er: Spencer try teasing together in the iWant a scene Number, even in the event she said she had a boyfriend. She sooner does provide this lady boyfriend (Calvin, he Which Never Blinks) on the Shays’ apartment whenever she requires an image out of Spencer’s finished statue. When Spencer claims, “Waiting, We blinked”, Calvin states, “I did not.” Spencer in the end relents and you will informs Marilyn, “I can understand why you love your.”

Lauren Ackerman: Old their, however, would not just take the lady more bvecause she try obsessive, and overreacted when the Spencer wasn’t thinking about the woman, thus the guy left this lady. (look for Spauren)

Sasha Striker: No actual relationship just like the seen to your inform you, however, she offered to “take him to have an experience,” and kissed to possess 7 mere seconds passionately immediately after Spencer won the brand new term to own best Pak-Rodent member internationally. (discover Spasha)

Marissa Benson: In a unique reality, if Spencer was created typical, upcoming Mrs. Benson and you will Spencer might have notwendig Hyperlink hitched, and then make Mrs. Benson Carly’s sibling-in-legislation and you may Freddie this lady nephew. Actually, however, she periodically treats your such as the woman is his mom. (see Sparissa)

Trudy Galini: The guy old Trudy, even if the guy discover the lady as an alternative ugly and you will repulsive, getting Mr. Galini’s fantastically juicy cake dish, and you can Trudy remaining kissing Spencer for some reason, getting in touch with his making out, “Nutrients,” much to help you Spencer’s revulsion.

Veronica: A grocery store clerk from the Hi Eating, who Spencer is convinced merely enjoyed him as he was in an effective tuxedo, because she had hated your ahead of. (select Speronica) In lieu of most of the women Spencer has old, Veronica appears much more than one event-iMake Sam Girlier, after which afterwards when you look at the iEnrage Gibby, if it is explained she got dumped Spencer inside her past looks. She feels bad one Spencer has “died,” however when Spencer suggests her he isn’t lifeless and tries to convince the lady at this point your again, she departs.

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