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Popular Jamaican Wedding Traditions

Jamaica is mostly a beautiful island that offers a great idyllic foundation for wedding events, but it also delivers with this some different and marvelous traditions. If you’re organizing a destination marriage or you just want to find out more about the tradition, here are some of the most extremely popular jamaican marriage traditions.

Pastry: In traditional Jamaican marriage ceremonies, a special rum-fruit cake is served at the reception. This is filled with dried fruits, and it is soaked in dark rum for weeks, so the taste has a distinct and special style on the wedding day.

Bride escorted by the two her parents down the artery

One of the most significant Jamaican wedding traditions is that the new bride is escorted down the aisle by her parents. That is a tradition that was originally done to demonstrate that the bride’s articles on online dating father and mother were trustworthy jamaican girls and would maintain their little girl.

Curried goat may be a staple on the menu of a Jamaican wedding, while it’s a symbol of trust and good vibes. The groom and the bride definitely will select a family that owns a herd, and they’ll choose a kid from that herd to be their 1st meal with each other as husband and wife.

Wedding band games and dances upon traditional music are a prevalent addition to the ceremony, and there’s a fun tradition where guests bid on the couple! These types of wedding band games and dances can be a fun method to bring a little bit of Jamaican way of life into your wedding, yet they’re the great way to get visitors to socialize!

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