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Without the “gay” meaning (in the event it can be acquired), I think verified bachelor/ette is best suggestion up until now

Without the “gay” meaning (in the event it can be acquired), I think verified bachelor/ette is best suggestion up until now

New feedback of any age and another gender inactive against it

Getting a single word – voluntagamus setting actually solutions-solitary during the Latin. But We doubt whether you might ever fool around with a face-to-face coined phrase.

Including another solution to address the sorts of new concern (money a phrase, in lieu of seeking a current that):

Looking for “marriage-free”, following the fashion out-of “child-free”? (I realize that not all of the dating end up in marriage, but “relationship-free” is simply too obscure IMO. I think “marriage-free” perform obtain the suggestion around the however.)

BTW, “child-free” has not cong options for “zero kids wouldn’t like ‘em” it is farther along than just anything, and this is apparently in the same standard space.

One to you can easily keyword try “nonogamist”, formed off “nonogamy” in the sense since the “bigamist” is formed out of “bigamy”, otherwise “monogamist” from “monogamy”.

Since indexed in the -ist entry for the wiktionary, suffix “-ist” will be “added to terms and conditions in order to create nouns denoting . person who observe a principle otherwise program out of faith.” Since “nonogamy” identifies perhaps not ist” was someone who chooses not to ever wed.

Remember that “nonogamist” accordingly solutions the first matter expected, in the “someone who [sic] keeps consciously picked to keep single for life”, it is not suitable regarding “relationships” stated on posting. Perhaps “philononogamist”, which in fact is quite easy to say once on 14 seeks, manage suffice. Including, note that those in brand new “nonogamy.livejournal people” might use “nonogamist” so you can suggest just about what’s spelled call at brand new enhance, however their usage can vary from more widespread need.

The bill in the address snacks regarding “nonogamy”, in order to demonstrate that whilst it apparently isn’t a fundamental dictionary word, it is a word which is used on English code.

For an adult entry to “nonogamy”, see the Melbourne Punch publication, web page 42, 9 Feb 1871, reprinted from inside the Mr. Punch down under, 1982. Unfortuitously the writer of the goods published Area XV inside the a good kind of realization mode, unlike when you look at the complete sentences; so you’re able to humor: “Children noticed off different perspectives. . Expediency of not having people. . King Herod’s system spoken of approvingly. . The latest author’s view. Wives. Polygamy, monogamy, nonogamy. Nonogamy required. Objections towards polygamy. . Monogamy unhesitatingly doomed. ” (Ellipses exploit.) It appears inside framework one to nonogamy form maybe not married.

nonogamy.livejournal states, “It [nonogamy] community is for many of those you to roll the vision whenever i hear relationships tales. Those of us that don’t getting we need to getting coordinated out over getting happy. We don’t Dislike like, but we perform dislike those who wouldn’t shut-up about this already. Nonogamy means that do not you desire like, gender,cuddling, times, otherwise romantic days celebration notes. Like is perhaps all really and you will an excellent, however, prevent dwelling in it already.”

A personal and ostensibly romantic relationship that’s devoid of sex

Particular ignorati in the democraticunderground laugh the phrase, as opposed to offering it correct obeisance, within the a bond titled “Midthread test: Does “nonogamy” mean zero spouses, nine wives, or spouses who do “no-no”s?”.

Urbandictionary offers a couple possibly-ironic significance out-of nonogamy quite on opportunity having definitions over: step one. dos. A good sarcastic mention of modern monogamy on the put up business in which intercourse is actually marginalized or vanishes when you look at the a marriage [. ]

I am frightened you will never pick a currently created keyword with all of the brand new connotations and you can significance you require the most. I think celibate is the nearest, because it is the only single-word-title that always contains the connotation of choice. The brand new downside to it’s their unavoidable mention of faith, and i also perceive that you’re not wanting you to connotation. It fits into very first three of the conditions.

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